The Jordanian Translators and Applied Linguists Association is an association duly registered with the Ministry of Culture in Jordan. It was established in 2008, bringing together Jordanian conference interpreters, linguists, copywriters and other sorts of linguists. Our aim is to promote translation and linguistic work in the service of our Arab and Jordanian culture and civilisation.

We issue to members membership cards stating their skills that we have verified. By doing so, we ensure recognition of their skills and knowledge to use in their day-to-day activities.

This website is written solely in Arabic, aside from this page. If you need more information, please contact us at info (at) jatal.net. We are also asking our members to list their credentials in our portal for Jordanian conference interpreters, translators and linguists at http://www.jordaninterpreters.com although this is not an obligatory requirement on their part.

Disclaimer: Associations of Jordanian conference interpreters, translators and linguists are prohibited by the Jordanian law to engage in any trade or regulation of the labor market. We cannot, in effect, offer language-based services. Neither can we set thresholds for prices and rates or prevent anybody from practising conference interpreting or translation as a career. We do, however, for the sole reason of membership requirements, screen the qualifications and credentials of our members. We even test those who do not have enough credentials. All of those measures are intended for our internal procedures and do not have and should not be thought to have any implication on the employability of those members by third parties.